About Us

  1. Translations

    • applications for overseas filing
    • priority documents
    • prior art references, patent publications
    • notices of rejection, responses
    • follow-up reports on examination, court decisions
    • contracts
    • trademarks
    • product brochures
  2. International Affairs

    • filing overseas applications
    • preparing drawings for overseas applications
    • other services relating to international affairs
    (on-site services, creating letters to overseas clients and practitioners, and others)
  3. Seminars, Consultation

    • seminars on filing applications in foreign countries
    • seminars on translating specifications
    • seminars on writing business letters in English
    • consultations concerning filing overseas applications
  4. Patent Search, other services

    • domestic/international patent search
    • prior art search, invalidation search
    • ordering file wrappers or gazettes
    • legal support