About Us

The mission of Midori International Corporation is To provide clients with quality services in the field of intellectual property, including translation, consulting, and search services.

With our network of experienced translators and consultants, we offer professional services in relation to international intellectual property rights. Our main clients are patent practitioners, and intellectual property divisions of commercial enterprises. We enjoy an excellent reputation with all our clients.

The road toward communicating complex ideas across different languages, cultures, and even across complex patent systems is full of potential pitfalls. A practitioner who cannot readily understand a patent application cannot adequately represent the holder's interest before the examiner. An examiner who cannot readily understand a patent application will incorrectly reject claims, resulting in long delays before issuance or even eventual rejection. A prospective licensee who cannot readily understand an abstract will not be motivated to seek a license for the invention and may even unwittingly become an infringer.

Better Communications is the key to avoiding these and other pitfalls along the road toward earning broad patent rights and lucrative licensing agreements. Better Communications means expressing every idea, no matter how complex, in simple, easy-to-understand, and natural language.

Our aim is to achieve Better Communications with clients, overseas agents, examiners, and all others involved in the process of acquiring intellectual property rights for you and your clients. Whether we're translating a patent application or creating a piece of correspondence addressed to an overseas practitioner, before our final product leaves our office it is thoroughly gone over by a native speaker of the target language, who also speaks the language of technology and is thoroughly familiar with the relevant patent system.

In addition to translating patent applications, we also offer fully professional searches and translations of precedents, translations of patent prosecution documents such as rejections, translation of licensing agreements, and related technical search and translation services.